Contextual Statement

I am deeply interested in people’s experiences and stories, engaging with them and working with new technologies. I value working collaboratively, taking risks and having some laughs while still being professional. 

I am  currently a lecturer-researcher at COLAB – Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand), focusing on Mobile Technologies & Education. In 2011, with Dr Max Schleser, we founded MINA [ Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa ] which became [ Mobile Innovation Network Australasia ], last year (2015). Besides academia, I am the director of ATZ119, which specialises in mobile content production and visual communication and I am a founder-partner at VIRTUO, dealing with mobile research and development, digital strategies and consultancy. For more detail about my profile, please check the About & Contact page.

Prior to join Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand) in 2004, I worked about ten years mainly in Luxembourg City (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) and Strasbourg (France) as Art Director/Creative Director in Advertising, and Communication companies as well as HSBC Private Banking Headquarter – Communication Department.

To better contextualise my current position at COLAB – Auckland University of Technology, I would like to first share to the following testimonial:

When coming into this course I personally thought that it was about designing apps and had no idea to what we actually were going to do. When first explained what the course was about I thought I knew a lot already as was on a few social media platforms but I was wrong!! This course brought forward so many ideas and creative ways into how we can brand ourselves on social media platforms in a professional way, not only this but how to connect and interact with other devices to make life so much easier! I thought this course was really good as our generation seem to think they know everything about technology because we have grown up with it and experienced change first hand. I have learnt so many new techniques to get my work out in the open, portray myself and also most importantly to me tools that will help me save a lot of time in the future for working on projects together with people. I thought that the interaction with other lecturers and interested parties all over the world was amazing, it was awesome to get an insight from people on the other side of the world and find out the similarities and differences in teaching and learning platforms but also learn from what they had to say to heighten our interest and knowledge of our particular course. Thank you so much Laurent and Tom! Will definitely benefit from this course and hopefully will see you again in the future.

As lecturer and researcher, I enjoy teaching and reading feedback such the above one from one of my numerous former student. It makes me proud and honoured to contribute to the growth and development of the youth, our future. While, tertiary education disciplines and institutions are questioning themselves and rethinking about their role and their mode of delivery, I am also going over my mobile projects, my teaching and my research, which are more and more involved with blended learning and m-learning driven by mobile technologies. As part of my professional development, I believe that it is important to complete the CMALT accreditation process: it is a good opportunity to reflect upon my career and my practices as well as seeking for feedback from colleagues and/or professionals who are CMALT certified. Thus, the CMALT certification is paramount in terms of belonging to an international community, to be officially recognised as being part of the ALT group in a wider way, and consequently, to better assist open, connected and collaborative scholarship advocacy.

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(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)


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